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empty Web Hosting for $1.99/month

Capital assets often generate unseen costs that turn profit into loss. If you don’t pay attention to the total cost of operating capital assets, you may be passing up the opportunity to ensure the success of your business for months or years into the future. Successful companies know that effective enterprise asset management (EAM) does more than add to the bottom line—it also reduces risk and gives your business a measure of stability that makes a big difference in volatile business conditions. Infor™ EAM delivers a time-tested solution that helps your company increase the life and value of assets, optimizes asset utilization, decreases costs of operation, and improves decision-making. It also gives you an easy to use solution that you can implement quickly.

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Underperforming assets can negatively affect the health of an organization by increasing costs, decreasing production and productivity, exposing the business to violations of safety regulations and compliance requirements, and reducing customer satisfaction—all of which can decrease profitability and inhibit growth. Yet executives often overlook enterprise asset management (EAM) as an opportunity to improve margins and overall performance, focusing instead on more visible activities such as increasing sales. Enterprising companies leverage technology to reveal the connection between asset performance and top-line growth and put this knowledge to work.

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Fuel Management —a module that allows you to
  • Handle onsite fuel inventory with ease and seamlessly
  • Integrate with fuel card management systems to track
vehicles, fuel, oil, and other fluids. Tire Management —functionality that helps you
  • Capture data for each tire including ID
  • Description and accrued cost
  • Work order history by vehicle
  • As well as track all casings through the re-treading process
  • Crediting the unused portion of tire life to vehicle history.

    Web Hosting for $1.99/month